8 Things That Make You Look Old Early

The way you look and feel as you get older is dependent, to a large degree, on the choices you make in how you live while you’re younger. That means, kicking out bad habits today, that could be a threat to your well being tomorrow. Below are 8 things that you should...

Hair Problems, from Weight Loss?

Hair loss aka alopecia can be experienced by both males and females, even more so as they get older. But can losing weight also be a reason your hair starts to thin? For one to understand the link between hair loss and losing weight, it would be beneficial to...

The Best and Worst Foods for Acne

The Worst MILK The more milk you consume, the more probable it is you’ll have acne - even more so if it’s skim milk. Researchers are still trying to make sense of why this is, though have suggested it could be as a result of the hormones produced whilst the cow is...

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